• Consignments at Rookleys

    Welcome to Rookleys Canadian Art Consignment Services

    At Rookleys Canadian Art, we take pride in being a leading gallery in Canada's fine art scene. We specialize in showcasing and selling Canadian art, bringing together passionate sellers and buyers from across the globe. 


    Art Valuation at Rookleys

    Andrew Rookley actively monitors the art market to provide accurate valuations for your artworks. Drawing upon recent sales data from national auctions, we consider various factors like condition, artistic value, and historical significance to determine the most effective market estimates for your pieces.


    Easy Submission Process

      • Photograph Your Art: Capture clear images of both the front and back of your artwork.
      • Include Essential Details: Provide us with information about the artwork's size, medium, creation date, and its provenance.
      • Submit to Our Specialists: Once you submit your artwork's details to our email (rook@rookleys.com), and our team will review your submission and contact you.
  • Artists we consign

    A-C D-J K-O P-T U-Z
    Franklin Arbuckle Kathleen Daly John Kasyn Herbert S. Palmer
    Frederick Varley
    Sybil Andrews Ken Danby Illingworth Kerr John Palmer
    Horatio Walker
    Caroline Armington Dewitt Drake Wilkie Kilgour Frank Panabaker
    Homer Watson
    Frank Armington Paul Earle Elizabeth Knowles L.A.C. Panton
    William P. Weston
    Caven Atkins Allan Edson F. M. Knowles Paul Peel
    Rose Wiselberg
    William E. Atkinson Emily Elliot George A. Kulmala Walter J. Phillips
    Mary Wrinch
    Frederick Banting L.L Fitzgerald Anthony Law Robert Pilot  
    James M. Barnsley Marc-Aurele Fortin A.C. Leighton Paul Rand  
    Cyril Barraud Albert Franck Maud Lewis William Raphael  
    Harold Beament John A. Fraser Ernest Lindner George Reid  
    J.W. Beatty Robert Gagen Arthur Lismer Eric Riordon  
    Henri Beau Clarence Gagnon John Little Goodridge Roberts  
    F.M. Bell-Smith Joachim Gauthier Robert Lougheed Thomas Roberts  
    Molly Bobak Robert Genn Frederick Loveroff Sarah Robertson  
    Lorne Bouchard Henry Glyde Ernest Luthi Albert Robinson  
    Denis Bourgeois Fred Haines John Lyman Joseph Rolph  
    Frederick H. Brigden Mary Hamilton J.E.H. Macdonald Stanley Royle  
    Harry Britton Lawren Harris Jock MacDonald George Horne Russell  
    George Broomfield Robert Harris John MacNaughton Joseph Sampson  
    Archibald Browne Peter Haworth Rafal Malczewski Anne Savage  
    Franklin Brownell Maurice Haycock Bernice Martin Carl Schaefer  
    William Brymner Adrien Hebert Henri Masson Ethel Seath  
    Ralph Burton Frank Hennessey Mabel May Margaret Shelton  
    George Buytendorp Prudence Heward Doris McCarthy P.C. Sheppard  
    Florence Carlyle Randolph Hewton Isabel Mclaughlin Charles W. Simpson  
    Franklin Carmichael Edwin H. Holgate Helen Mcnicoll Gordon Smith  
    A.J. Casson Frances Hopkins David Milne Marc-Aurèle Suzor Coté  
    Frederick Challener Nicholas Hornyansky James W. Morrice Fred Taylor  
    Georges Chavignaud Yvonne Housser Kathleen M. Morris George Thomson  
    Anna Cheney Robert Hurley Rita Mount Tom Thomson  
    William Henry Clapp Frank Iacurto Laura Muntz William T. Topham  
    Berthe Des Clayes Alice Innes Kazuo Nakamura Stanley F. Turner  
    Mary A. Cleland Richard Jack Ernst Neumann    
    Alan Collier Richard Jack Lucius O'Brien    
    Nora Collyer Frank Johnston      
    Charles Comfort John Y. Johnstone      
    Stanley Cosgrove        
    Maurice Cullen