• Bruno Capolongo, After the Storm (Oakes Garden , Niagara Falls)
    After the Storm (Oakes Garden , Niagara Falls)CAD 750.00
    Bruno Capolongo, After the Storm (Oakes Garden , Niagara Falls)
    CAD 750.00
  • Bruno Capolongo, Moonlight Sonata (Oakes Garden, Niagara Falls), 2024
    Moonlight Sonata (Oakes Garden, Niagara Falls), 2024CAD 1,990.00
    Bruno Capolongo, Moonlight Sonata (Oakes Garden, Niagara Falls), 2024
    CAD 1,990.00
  • Bruno Capolongo, Winter (Oakes Garden), 2024
    Winter (Oakes Garden), 2024CAD 1,150.00
    Bruno Capolongo, Winter (Oakes Garden), 2024
    CAD 1,150.00
Bruno Capolongo is a distinguished Canadian artist of Neapolitan descent, renowned for his innovative and diverse body of work. His art, which includes unique paintings, mixed media constructions, and ceramics, is highly regarded and has been featured in over 150 exhibitions, including approximately 50 solo shows. Capolongo's work is cherished by both private and corporate collectors globally, and his contributions to the art world have been recognized with numerous awards and honors.



Born into a family with Neapolitan roots, Capolongo has developed a deep appreciation for both classical and contemporary art forms. His artistic journey has been marked by a commitment to continual learning and exploration. He pursued formal art education in Canadian and American art schools, culminating in a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art degree. Beyond formal education, Capolongo has been an avid student of art, continually enriching his knowledge and skills through informal studies in Europe, particularly Italy, and America.



Capolongo's work is represented by prestigious art galleries in major cities such as New York City, Montreal, Toronto, and Washington DC. His exhibition record is extensive, with more than 140 exhibitions showcasing his talent and vision. Among his many accolades, Capolongo is a three-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields prize, a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. He has also won consecutive first-place awards in the national Canadian exhibition and competition ‘Evidence of Things Unseen.’



Mid-career, Capolongo discovered Kintsukuroi (also known as Kintsugi), a traditional Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. This discovery inspired a series in his artwork, where he beautifully fuses this unique and contemporary dynamic with traditional and classical forms. His Kintsugi-inspired works are a testament to his ability to blend diverse artistic disciplines and cultural influences, creating pieces that are both innovative and deeply rooted in artistic tradition.



Bruno Capolongo continues to make significant contributions to the art world, with his work being a subject of admiration and study for art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. His journey as an artist reflects a passionate pursuit of artistic expression and a deep reverence for the diverse facets of art across cultures and eras.